Apple Releases New Security Updates for iOS and macOS

The updates includes a fix for the latest Apple Watch unlock bug

Apple has released new updates for both iOS and macOS, which address some bugs and security flaws.

Apple updated its support page for iOS to showcase the changes made with iOS 14.7.1, as well as the security page for macOS Big Sur 11.5.1. 9To5Mac reports that the iOS 14.7.1 update appears to be focused on fixing the Apple Watch bug introduced with 14.7, while the macOS updates offer some fixes to security flaws and possible exploits discovered in the operating system.

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While the main focus of iOS 14.7.1 may be to fix the unlock bug introduced to iPhone models with Touch ID and a paired Apple Watch, the new operating system version also includes a myriad of “important security updates,” but Apple didn't specify what kind of security changes that might include. However, it did go into detail about the big change made with macOS 11.5.1: the fix for an exploit found in the IOMobileFrameBuffer.

According to the update notes, an anonymous researcher reported that an application could execute arbitrary code with kernel-level privileges. Apple also reports it is aware the issue may have been actively exploited, but didn’t mention any other details. To fix the issue, Apple says it has addressed a memory corruption issue, which should provide improved handling. 

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Both updates are available starting today. Users can check their macOS settings or their iPhone’s settings to see if the download is currently available on their device. Apple tends to roll updates out in a staggered release, so you may need to check back later for the download option.

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