Apple Quietly Puts iCloud Web Apps on Android, iOS

There's only a few iCloud apps, but it's a great start

What: Your iCloud data is now available on mobile web browsers for Android and iOS.

How: Just navigate to via your mobile browser.

Why Do You Care: This is the first time iCloud is available on non-iOS mobile devices. website on Android phone
Original Image: Pixabay

Android users now have access to their iCloud photos, notes, and reminders (along with the Find iPhone app) via the mobile web.

While all these apps (and more) are available on iOS as native apps and on desktop web browsers, this is the first time Android users are able to use iCloud. As NewsLanded reports, there are still some bugs to work out on Android, but overall, the features are the same on both iOS and Android web browsers.

For users who use Android and iOS along with Apple's iCloud system, this is a great start.

You can browse your iCloud Photos via the web app now, though it only lets you email or copy a link to your images to share them. The iOS native apps offer a more robust sharing solution, but this is a great boon to Android users who also keep their photos on iCloud.

The Notes app pulls up any iCloud notes you might have, though typing into any new or previous note is not possible on Android right now; the iOS version works just fine. There are text style buttons at the top, including a checklist and table feature.

Reminders works the same on both platforms, with an easy way to see your Reminder categories, add new Reminders, and edit older ones. Find iPhone is a great cross-platform way to find your missing iOS devices, though it doesn't interact with your Android phones (You still need to use your respective manufacturer's apps for that).

As Ars Technica points out, there's room to grow: the desktop web version of iCloud offers Mail, Contacts, Calendar, iCloud Drive, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, and Find Friends, while this new mobile web app does not. Still, for users who use Android and iOS along with Apple's iCloud system, this is a great start.

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