Apple Prepping New MacBook: Report

Apple might be rolling out a MacBook Pro with a scissor mechanism keyboard

Why This Matters:

Even as Apple defended its much-criticized butterfly keyboard design on MacBooks and MacBook Pros, it’s been slowly replacing them. A new 14-inch MacBook Pro, which would replace the 13-inch model, could mark the beginning of the end for butterfly keyboard technology.

MacBook Pro 16-inch
MacBook Pro 16-inch.  Lifewire / Lance Ulanoff

Apple might be gearing up to release a new scissor-keyboard MacBook Pro before the end of this month, according to MacRumors, which uncovered a report from Apple soothsayer and analyst Ming Chi Kuo.

Do we need another MacBook? Last year, Apple unveiled the super-sized 16-inch MacBook Pro with its redesigned keyboard. It stands to reason that it would like to roll out that design to more affordable and mainstream laptop sizes.

What’s up with the keyboard: Introduced with 2015’s 12-inch MacBook, the butterfly keyboard was supposed to be an engineering feat, but as Apple spread the mechanism to other MacBooks, the reception was far from warm. Even after adjustments, there were enough complaints that Apple “redesigned” the keyboard system and is now using a modified, but more traditional scissor design.

What are we getting? Assuming Apple’s supply and delivery chains are back on track and not still impacted by the Coronavirus outbreak, Apple could be introducing and shipping, according to the report, a 14-inch MacBook Pro in March, which would replace the current 13-inch model. It’s unclear if the MacBook Air, which still features the butterfly keyboard will also get an update.

Bottom Line: This is still just a report with scant details. On the other hand, Kuo has a good track record of properly reading the signals and predicting at least some of Apple’s next big thing.

Via: MacRumors

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