Apple No Longer Defaulting to Personalized Ads in iOS 15

Oh you'll still get ads, but they won't be targeted ads by default anymore

Apple is changing the default for Personalized Ads in iOS 15 so the setting is no longer enabled from the start.

While not overtly stated, it's likely Apple's decision to make the adjustment is related to its recent court settlement. 9to5Mac points out that dialing back the aggressive targeted advertising is a sensible move, given the tech giant's currently under scrutiny for antitrust concerns.

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Until now, Apple's Personalized Ads (aka targeted ads) have been turned on by default. Users have had to plumb the depths of their iOS device's settings to find the opt-out toggle, and even then still had to know to look for it in the first place. This is despite Apple, itself, previously limiting targeted advertising for third-party apps.

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Now that Apple is making an effort to practice a bit of what it preaches, iOS 15 users opening the App Store will receive a prompt asking if they want to enable Personalized Ads. If you change your mind in either direction later you can dig back through your device settings to change it. The option can be found by going through Settings > Privacy > Apple Advertising.

While iOS 15 isn't publicly available until later this fall, the new Personalized Ads prompt has been added to the most recent beta release. Unless Apple has a change of heart, the option should appear for iOS 15 users once the new OS is installed.

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