Apple Music Simplifies Albums’ Multiple Versions

You can see Other Versions just below the track listing

What: Now Apple Music users will see a less-cluttered list of albums when there is more than one version.

How: Apple updated the interface on its server side; you don’t need to update the app.

Why Do You Care: With only one album showing in lists and search results, it’s a lot easier to find what you’re looking for when using Apple Music.

Apple Music with Other Version of Prince 1999 on an iPhone X
Original image: Unsplash

Apple Music just got an update with a new way to manage albums with multiple versions. When there’s a second (or third) version of an album—whether it's a clean/explicit version or a bonus, special edition—you’ll now be able to swipe down a bit and see a new Other Versions section on the album information page.

According to MacStories, this feature has come over from the late Beats music streaming platform, which Apple bought in 2014 (and later turned into Apple Music).

This new interface keeps all the extra versions from cluttering up artist pages in Apple Music, which should be helpful if you just want to find the main album. If, however, you’re specifically looking for a version that Apple classifies as “Other,” then you’ll still be able to find it here.

Via: MacStories

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