Apple Music's Lossless Audio Streaming Now on Android

Spatial audio is also available if your device is compatible with Dolby Atmos

A new Apple Music app update quietly has added lossless audio streaming and spatial audio functionality to Android devices.

Apple added lossless and spatial audio to Apple Music back in June, but until now, only Apple users could take advantage of those features. The latest update to the Android app fixes this, making both options available to Android users—with a couple of caveats.

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Lossless audio streaming is said to provide a better experience overall when listening to music, with CD quality and Hi-Resolution quality options. The first catch is you'll need to have a nice set of wired headphones to hear much of a difference in the first place. The second catch is that lossless streaming uses up way more data than regular audio streaming.

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Spatial audio, which simulates a three-dimensional audio space in order to provide a surround-sound style effect, is the other new addition. Like lossless audio, it also has specific conditions that need to be met in order to use it. While spatial audio doesn't require any particular kind or quality of headphones, it does need Dolby Atmos to function. If your Android device supports Dolby Atmos, then you'll be able to jump right in, but if it doesn't then spatial audio is functionally nonexistent. You might want to check your device's features first if you have your heart set on trying out this feature.

The Android app for Apple Music already has been updated with lossless and spatial audio functionality, so if you want to check it out you can download it right now.

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