Apple Music Now Available on Samsung TVs

All Samsung TVs made since 2018 now support Apple Music

If you own an Samsung TV and have an Apple Music subscription your worlds have just collided in the best possible way.

Samsung TV

Samsung TVs now support Apple Music, the company announced the music subscription service support on Thursday.

The details: Samsung, which has 33% of the smart TV market, is adding Apple Music app support to all its TVs made since 2018. The music service now appears as part of Samsung's Smart TV platform. last year Samsung added Apple's TV app app to its service.

Samsung told Lifewire that Apple Music will support basic Samsung's Bixby voice controls like "play," "pause," and "fast forward." assistant. There is no support for Apple's voice assistant, Siri.

Not free: While Apple Music can be downloaded onto Samsung smart TVs for free, Apple Music is a subscription service that costs $9.99 a month ($14.99 for the family plan). You can, however, try the service for free for 90 days.

Apple Music Subscribers: 60M+

Spotify Subscribers: 124M

Samsung Smart TV Market Share in U.S.: 33%

What's Apple Music? In addition to 60 million songs, Apple Music includes music videos (something to watch on your Samsung TVs), Beats Radio, and curated playlists.

Bottom line: With nearly 70 million users, Apple still trails behind Spotify, which has roughly 124 million subscribers. Spotify has been on Samsung Smart TVs for awhile and now Apple is tapping into this market and potentially attracting new subscribers, which could help it catch Spotify. As for users, this is great news if you already have an Apple Music subscription, and it's also an easy way to discover the service without buying an Apple product.

Updated: 4-23-2020 2:26 PM ET with comment from Samsung

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