Apple Music and App Store Hit With Connection Problems

Some reporting features are returning

Both the Apple App Store and the Apple Music app appear to be down as people across the internet have been experiencing connection problems.

Looking at Apple's System Status page, both services went down at the same time in the early morning of April 25. At the time of this writing, the issues continue to persist. While Apple has confirmed the outages, it has yet to say what is causing the problem but has tweeted it is working on it. People have taken to the internet to air out their frustration and share their experiences with this outage.

Someone listening to Apple Music on an iPhone.

Daniel Cañibano / Unsplash

According to Downdetector, the connection problems started around 5:00 AM EST for Apple Music and around 6:00 AM EST for the App Store. People on the Apple Music subreddit have been sharing their experiences during the outage, with the sudden disappearance of lossless audio being a common problem.

One user posted a screenshot of the Dolby Atmos and Lossless audio feature missing on their iOS device. Other haves experienced missing song lyrics. Another user on Twitter pointed out that the privacy labels had been removed from the App Store.

However, this appears to have been some kind of bug or glitch as others have pointed out that the Privacy details have come back to the Store.

It's unknown when the outage will be over, but fixes are currently underway. Lyrics and lossless audio appear to be coming back to a select few.

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