Apple May Be Preparing Its Biggest Product Launch Yet

Bloomberg's Mark Gurman expects to see a lot of new hardware announcements

With Apple's next big event likely a month or two away, Bloomberg's Apple specialist Mark Gurman is anticipating what may be its biggest year for new hardware ever.

As Gurman explains, Apple tends to reveal small updates and products in the spring, unveil new software in the summer, and launch most of its hardware in the fall. It's a strategy intended to build anticipation for new products and increase the likelihood of a lucrative holiday season. However, Gurman also believes that a series of filings made with the Eurasian Economic Commission could indicate that Apple has a larger lineup planned for its Spring event.

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The 12 filings, which Consomac discovered, include three unreleased iPhone models and nine unreleased iPad models. For the time being, the listings only reveal identifying numbers like "A2595" and "A2766," so the specs and performance are still a mystery.

While Apple's intent is still uncertain, Gurman is confident that it will announce (and subsequently release) an extensive product lineup in 2022. But for now, we can't quite be sure if Apple plans to reveal any of these devices earlier than usual in the spring or if it filed its planned fall lineup early.

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We'll have to wait for Apple's spring event, which is expected to occur in March or April, to find out if any hardware announcements are being made earlier than usual. But Gurman has been told to expect to see the company's "widest array of new hardware products in its history" this fall. Either way, at some point in 2022, we're probably going to see a lot of new iPhone and iPad hardware.

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