Apple Maps Update Introduces New Features and Modes to Explore

Including new interactive 3D Maps and an AR Guide

Launching with iOS 15, Apple Maps will be getting an upgrade that includes highly detailed 3D maps, enhanced public transit features, a new augmented reality (AR) mode, and more.

According to Apple, the new Maps experience initially only will be available to users in London, Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco, with more cities to come.

Three new Apple Maps screens


In the update, users get a new way to navigate with a highly detailed 3D map displaying a ton of information on the local area. That information includes elevation details, road labels, commercial districts, and custom-designed landmarks, like Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles.

Public transit riders also will enjoy the app’s new features. Nearby stations will be displayed at the top of the screen, allowing riders to pin their own preferred line. Apple Maps also will give real-time information on outages, transit schedules, departure and arrival times, and the location of the bus or train.

Users can keep track of their trip with their Apple Watch and set notifications for when it's time to disembark.

The new Maps also introduces a new augmented reality mode that has a step-by-step walking guide with detailed directions. All a user has to do is scan the nearby buildings in the local area to generate real-time directions that can be seen on the phone.

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Additional features include curated guides on landmarks and events for the respective cities, enhanced driving navigation, and an interactive globe.

In a few months, support will be available in Philadelphia, San Diego, and Washington, DC, as well. iOS 15 users in Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver will be getting the same treatment next year.

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