Apple Maps Update Adds Fun New Ways to Interact With Local Businesses

Buttons, photos, promotions, and more

Apple just announced a substantial update to Apple Maps that brings plenty of new features to make it more useful for finding your next favorite hang-out spot.

This update simplifies how users locate and interact with nearby restaurants, retail stores, repair centers, and other businesses. Companies now have a dedicated page on the app once they opt-in, and this portal adds photos, specialized buttons, promotional banners, and more. Apple hopes this move will encourage users to rely on the app for more than just directions. 

Someone using Maps on an iPhone. / Unsplash

Google Maps already offers a robust toolset for businesses to edit and add information to their profiles, and now Apple Maps will have a similar system in place. 

However, Apple’s system offers increased interactivity when compared to Google, thanks to a number of adjustable widgets that businesses can place on the page. These modules let companies highlight deals, offer limited-time promotions, display reservation times, and more. You should even be able to order products right from the Apple Maps information page. 

Apple Maps

This new map information will also be used with Siri and other Apple apps, though these functionalities have yet to be fully detailed. 

Companies can sign up for these new features for free via a new web app called Business Connect. This app lets businesses quickly edit pertinent details, such as updating new photos and logos or noting if they accept credit cards. As for consumers, the Apple Maps update is rolling out now. 

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