Apple Launches Remote Learning Video Series

Educators get some guidance on how to teach students using Apple tools

Why This Matters:

With schools closed across the U.S. and teachers and students faced with some of their first remote-learning experiences, Apple’s new video series could be a life raft.

Girl using iPad
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COVID-19 and social distancing requirements have shuttered thousands of schools, and more than 54 million students are stuck at home. School, however, is still open and more and more educators are using distance learning tools to teach their students. Now Apple’s Education arm has unveiled a new series of videos focused on remote learning skills for teachers.

Watch and learn: The new Apple Education Learning Series is focused on how teachers can use Apple tools in their quest to teach students over video.

Small set: For now, there are just two videos:

  • Prepare Resources for Remote Learning
  • Create and Share Presentations and Demos

The company plans to add more soon, and Apple’s Curriculum has additional education resources, including lesson plan ideas. Apple is also offering teachers a schedule of virtual conferences.

It’s all Apple: Yes, the series only focuses on Apple products and software. In Apple’s defense, its iPad is quite popular in U.S. schools.

Bottom Line: Staying at home should not mean the world grinds to a halt or our children’s education experiences cease. Apple’s new Remote Learning video series could be an important tool for teachers who need to reach students now.

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