Apple Launches Digital Summer Camp

Young camp-goers can learn arts, crafts, and coding

Summer camp is cancelled for thousands of families. Even though it's in your home (like everything else), Apple's digital version could offer a little relief.

Apple Camp

Worries about how to maintain safety and social distance, even as the Pandemic abates, have forced many summer camps to close for the coming season. That's impacting millions of kids in the U.S. Parents already have resources to create at home camp experiences and now Apple is pitching in with its own Apple Camp at Home, which it announced on Wednesday.

Pitch a tent: Apple's plan is simple. It's created an Activity Book that includes projects in video, art, design (only Apple wouldn't call it "Arts and Crafts"), and, naturally, coding.

Orientation Day: Making the experience a little more camp-like, Apple Camp at Home includes a 30 minute WebEx video Orientation session. There's also the option of an hour-long Q&A.

Sending your kid to camp: The Apple Camp at Home Activity Book is only available on its Pages app. You can download it for free on the Mac, iPad, and iPhone. Apple says the Activity Book projects are self-guided, which really means parents will be guiding their kids through them.

Pack your virtual bags: Apple didn't say when camp kicks off. Instead, it set up a sign-up page and will notify parents when registration is open.

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