Apple Kicks Off Tax-Free Sales in Some States

Save a little on back-to-school (or everyday) computer purchases

Residents in some US states will be able to buy select Apple products free of sales tax starting today.

In addition to the standard upfront cost of a device's MSRP, sales tax often adds dozens—if not hundreds—of dollars to the final purchase price. However, Apple is kicking off a tax holiday sale that allows residents of nine different US states to buy some products without paying sales tax.

Assorted Apple products


Each state (Arkansas, Florida, Massachusetts, Missouri, New Mexico, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia) has a slightly different list of qualifying products available for purchase, however. Some are limited to specific devices at particular price points, while others are open to most kinds of devices. Accessories might not be eligible in one state but included in another. If you reside in one of the nine states participating in Apple's sale, you'll want to double-check your state's info to see what's on the list.

According to Apple, the sale is available in all participating states, both online and at physical store locations (in the applicable areas, of course). It also says that while you may not see the savings when making your purchase, it will show up on the final receipt (digital or otherwise).

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Apple's tax-free sale continues through August 14, with the timeframe differing from state to state. Florida residents can start taking advantage of the sale today (July 25) through August 7. Tennessee will have access to the sale from July 29 through July 31. Missouri, New Mexico, South Carolina, and Virginia can all get in on the sale from August 5 through August 7. West Virginia also starts on August 5 but goes an extra day through August 8. While Arkansas starts a day later on August 6 and runs through August 7. Lastly, Massachusetts will be able to join in starting August 13 through August 14.

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