The Tablet OG: The Apple iPad Image and Photo Gallery

The Apple iPad 2

Image © Apple

The Many Views of Apple's First iPad Tablet

After much anticipation, Apple finally unveiled its iPad tablet on Jan. 27, 2010.

So far, we've looked at the iPad's specs. We even did a blow-by-blow account of the iPad media reveal .

Now it's time to look at the iPad's images to truly get a full view of what the device is all about. This image gallery will include several profile shots, plus screen shots of the iPad's apps. For more iPad-related info, including a list of official and third-party accessories, don't forget to check out our Apple iPad Central page.

The Apple iPad 2 comes in two colors, black and white.

Apple iPad 2 - Rear View

Image © Apple

The Apple iPad 2 sports a new, flatter back cover.

The Apple iPad 2 - Side View

Image © Apple

The Apple iPad 2 viewed from the side. The device is 0.34 inches thick, making it thinner than the first-generation iPad.

Apple iPad 2 Wi-fi and Wi-Fi+3G

Image © Apple

Apple's iPad 2 comes in Wi-Fi-only and Wi-Fi+3G versions.

Apple iPad 2 FaceTime Video Chat App

Image © Apple

The iPad 2 FaceTime app lets you video chat via Wi-Fi with compatible iPhone, iPod Touch and Mac devices.

The Apple iPad 2 iMovie App

Image © Apple

The iPad 2 iMovie app let's you edit and share HD movies.

The Apple iPad 2 GarageBand App

Image © Apple

The Apple iPad 2's GarageBand app is a music studio program that let's you create music with various instruments.

iPad 2 Official Covers

Image © Apple

The official covers for Apple's iPad 2 come in different colors.

The Official iPad 2 Screen Cover

Image © Apple

The Apple iPad 2 official cover protects the tablet's screen.

The Official iPad 2 Sliding Cover

The official iPad 2 Cover can slide below the device and turn into an impromptu rest for easy typing.

Apple iPad Unboxing

The Apple iPad WiFi unboxed. Photo by Jason Hidalgo

Apple iPad Unboxing: Package Contents

A look at the contents of the Apple iPad box. Photo by Jason Hidalgo

Apple iPad Unboxing: Front View

The front view of the Apple iPad after unboxing. Photo by Jason Hidalgo

Apple iPad Unboxing: Brushed Aluminum Case

The iPad's rear casing is made of brushed aluminum. Photo by Jason Hidalgo

The iPad's rear casing is made of brushed aluminum.

The Apple iPad Wi-Fi Version

The standard WiFi version of the Apple iPad tablet. Photo © Apple

The Apple iPad Wi-Fi+3G Version

The Apple iPad 3G features a black bar on the top. Photo © Apple

Apple iPad: Side Profile

The Apple iPad has a sleek profile when viewed from the side. Photo © Apple

Apple iPad Accessories: Official Dock (w/o iPad)

The Apple iPad Dock accessory. Photo © Apple

Apple iPad Accessories: Official Camera Connection Kit

The Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit features a USB connector and SD Card reader. Photo © Apple

Apple iPad Accessories: Official iPad Power Adapter

The iPad 10W USB Power Adapter. Photo © Apple

Apple iPad Accessories: Official Dock/Stand

The official Apple iPad stand dock. Photo © Apple

Apple iPad Accessories: Official Keyboard

A keyboard dock allows iPad users to type without using the touchscreen. Photo © Apple

Apple iPad Accessories: Official Case

The Apple iPad case doubles as a cover and stand for the device. Photo © Apple

Apple iPad: Multi-touch

The Apple iPad's multi-touch screen features 1,000 sensors. Photo © Apple

Apple iPad: iPod App

A look at the iPad's iPod music app. Photo © Apple

Apple iPad: App Store

The App store features more than 140,000 apps for the Apple iPad. Photo © Apple

Apple iPad: YouTube

Tapping on a video thumbnail launches YouTube videos on the iPad. Holding the device horizontally displays videos full-screen. Photo © Apple

Apple iPad: iBooks

The iBooks app allows users to read eBooks with the Apple iPad. Photo © Apple

Apple iPad: Gaming

The Apple iPad's accelerometer also handles steering controls for driving games. Photo © Apple

Apple iPad: Newspapers

E-versions of newspapers are just one of the features available with the Apple iPad tablet. Photo © Apple

Apple iPad: iWork App

The Apple iPad's iWork App. Photo © Apple

modulR iPad Case Car Mount Configuration

The modulR iPad case with car mount attachment. Photo © modulR

modulR iPad Case Wall Mount Configuration

The modulR iPad case with wall mount attachment. Photo © modulR

modulR iPad Case with Stand Attachment

The modulR iPad case with stand attachment.

modulR iPad Case with Strap

The modulR iPad case with strap. Image © modulR

Quirky Cloak iPad Case and Stand (Horizontal)

The Quirky Cloak Case and Stand for the Apple iPad. Photo © Quirky

Quirky Cloak iPad Case and Stand (Vertical)

The Quirky Cloak case and stand for the Apple iPad also has a vertical stand. Photo © Quirky