Apple Intercom: What It Is and How to Use It

Quit yelling and let the intercom feature make household announcements

What to Know

  • Apple Intercom is part of Apple Home apps. It allows you to use an Apple device like an intercom.
  • To check if Intercom is on, go to Home app > tap Home in upper-left corner. Tap Home Settings > Intercom.
  • To create and send an announcement, just say, "Hey Siri, intercom," and then speak the message.

This article explains how to use Apple's Intercom feature, which works on HomePod, HomePod mini, iPhone, and many other Apple devices.

What Is Apple Intercom?

Apple Intercom is a feature of the Apple Home apps which allows you to communicate with other people in your house using an Apple device as an intercom. You can even use it with your Apple CarPlay.

When two or more devices are connected through the Apple Home app, you can use one of those devices to make an announcement on the other. If you have multiple devices set up in different rooms on the Home App, you can opt to have it made in only one room or multiple rooms.

How Do I Turn on Intercom on the Home App?

Your devices need to meet three qualifications to turn on the Intercom app:

  • Apple Home app installed on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. You can download the Home app for free from the App Store.
  • All your Apple devices updated to the most recent version of their operating system (whether iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, or the HomePod software).
  • Have a connected Apple HomePod or HomePod mini smart speaker connected to your Apple Home app.
Apple Intercom settings on an iPhone.


That's it. If you meet those two qualifications, you already have Apple Intercom on your device, and it's probably already active since that's the default. To check it, go to the Home app and tap the Home in the upper-left corner of the screen. Then tap Home Settings > Intercom. From there, you can make sure that your notifications are on, and you can control other Intercom Settings, such as people who can manage your devices and which devices are being controlled.

How Do You Use Apple Intercom?

Once you're sure that your Intercom is turned on, it's easy to use because it relies on your old friend Siri. To create and send an announcement, just say, "Hey Siri, intercom..." and then speak the message you want to share. For example, "Hey Siri, intercom dinner is ready, wash up and come eat." Siri will announce on all the devices in your home, "Dinner is ready. Wash up and come eat."

When you don't specify a room, your announcement goes to all the connected devices in the household. If you want to intercom a specific room, say the name of that room after saying "intercom." For example, "Hey Siri, intercom the kitchen, could you grab me a soda while you're in there?" Siri will repeat your message, but only in the kitchen (or whatever room you specify).

If you want to send an intercom message from within the Home app, tap the wavelength icon in the upper right corner, then speak your message and tap Done.

Using Apple Intercom from the Home app on an iPhone.


Using either method, you can reply to intercom messages as well. Say "Hey Siri, reply..." or reply to a specific room by saying, "Hey Siri, reply to bedroom..." followed by your message after receiving an intercom message.

Does Intercom Work Without HomePod?

The Apple Intercom function will work without an Apple HomePod, but there's a catch. You must have a HomePod installed in your home to set up a Home network, and without that, you cannot use the Intercom feature. So, while Intercom will technically work without a HomePod (for example, you can use it from your Apple CarPlay before you get home to make an announcement), you still have to have a HomePod to set it up.

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