Apple and HBO Team Up for Streaming Service

HBO Now. Image provided by HBO

Dateline: 03/11/2015
The world of Pay TV is rapidly changing, and one of the most visible examples are cable and satellite services and content providers lining up to offer a streaming-only alternative to traditional cable and satellite offerings, such as Dish's Sling TV.

The latest is HBO, which will start offering a new service, called HBO Now beginning sometime in April 2015, to Apple TV, iPad, and iPhone users that will provide access to HBO content without the requirement of a cable or satellite subscription.

For $14.99 a month, if you have a compatible Apple device, you can simply stream HBO content directly, anywhere.

Also, in conjunction with the introduction of HBO Now, the Apple TV media streamer has been reduced in price from $99 to $69 Compare Prices, which is not only designed to provide an incentive to prospective customers, but also make the Apple TV more price competitive with the media streamers offered by Roku.

Also, current Apple users aren't being left out - they can sign up for HBO Now through their device and get the first month free.

Although initially you have to an Apple user to access HBO Now, the window is expected to open up to other platforms (presumably Amazon and Google) after about three months.

In the meantime, those that don't own a compatible Apple device, HBO will still provide its current HBOGo service, which allows streaming access to select HBO content, but does require the user to also have a traditional HBO subscription through a cable/satellite service.

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