Apple, Google, and Microsoft to Expand Passwordless Log-in

No more signing into every service or website one at a time

Apple, Google, and Microsoft have all committed to increasing support for the Fast ID Online (FIDO) Alliance passwordless sign-in standard.

It's something the FIDO Alliance has been pushing for as it believes passwords are no longer the most secure way to protect accounts. Most average users tend to stick with the same one or two passwords for everything (to make it easier to remember), which leads to problems if one is compromised. But passwordless sign-in, according to FIDO, could be more convenient and secure for everyone if it became the industry standard, which is where Apple, Google, and Microsoft come in.

Password entry on computer screen

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The three companies were already on-board with FIDO's idea of a standardized method for signing into services and devices without a password but in a more limited scope. Users would need to sign into each service individually, on each of their devices, and then they could switch passwordless. Once expanded, users will be able to sign in to most of their devices (old or brand new) via FIDO without the need to individually log into their various accounts for each one.

Mock-up of using passwordless sign-in from a mobile device

FIDO Alliance

Smartphone sign-in will also be an option, which is something FIDO has been trying to implement since the release of its whitepaper back in March. This would allow your mobile device to function as your passkey, using its biometrics to verify you and pass that verification on to other nearby devices. So you can use your phone as a sort of universal key to access all of your accounts.

These new options for passwordless sign-in aren't available yet but should be soon. FIDO has stated that it expects to see everything implemented across Apple, Google, and Microsoft devices throughout 2022. However, it's unclear if it expects the rollout to be complete by the end of the year.

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