Apple Expands App Store Pricing With Hundreds of New Possibilities

Including options for smaller incremental increases

App Store pricing is getting much more nuanced as Apple begins rolling out new price point options and pricing tools for developers.

Expect more variation in App Store pricing in the near future because Apple is making approximately 700 more price points available to app developers. It may sound daunting, but Apple explains that the primary intent is to make it easier for developers to adjust their pricing for different regions and exchange rates.

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The new tools give developers more control over their prices across the App Store's 174 regional storefronts, which support a total of 44 different currencies. They'll be able to set a price based on their local storefront, and Apple's tools will automatically account for exchange rates and taxes across other areas. Pricing outside of the developer's location can also auto-adjust for exchange rate fluctuation, so you may see costs rise or fall seemingly at random for some apps and in-app purchases.

This new pricing system, Apple says, will bring the total number of possible price points up to 900—some of which (the 100 highest dollar amounts) will only be available by request. It also means that there will be more wiggle room between these price points, with increments of $0.10, $0.50, and up being possible up to a certain dollar amount. With these adjustments, app and in-app purchase pricing will have a new $0.29 minimum, up to a $10,000 (again, by request) maximum.

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These new pricing tools are available, starting today, for automatically renewing subscriptions—and will be rolling out for everything else in the Spring of 2023.

Bear in mind that it might be some time before the developers implement them (if they decide to), so don't expect to see pricing changes in all the apps you use immediately.

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