Apple Could Launch New AirPods By the End of 2021

A revamp of the AirPods Pro could come as early as 2022

New reports suggest that Apple could be working on a revamp of its AirPods line-up, starting with a new set of entry-level AirPods in 2021.

According to Bloomberg, Apple plans to release another set of AirPods by the end of the year. This would be the first time that the Apple-branded earbuds have been updated since 2019. Bloomberg also claims that a new set of AirPods Pro are in the works and scheduled for a release in 2022.

A pair of Apple AirPods

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This isn’t the first time that reports of new AirPods have cropped up, with leaked images of the supposed “AirPods 3” published by 52Audio back in March. Much like those leaked images, Bloomberg’s sources claim that the updated basic AirPods will take on more of the design seen in the AirPods Pro, but won’t feature audio systems like active noise-canceling. 

For the revamped AirPods Pro, sources claim that Apple is cutting the stem, similarly to other wireless earbuds out there. If true, it would give the AirPods Pro a completely different look than previous designs, which could cater to customers who prefer earbuds without the long stems. Bloomberg also shared that Apple is discussing additional colors for its AirPods Max headphones, which released in December.

Reportedly a pair of Apple AirPods 3


Other claims from analysts like Ming-Chi Kuo appear to back up the reports that Apple will launch new AirPods in 2021. At this time, it is unknown if the revamped AirPods will support Apple's recently launched lossless audio tier. The tech giant has shared no official confirmation of new AirPods coming anytime soon.

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