Apple Clips: How to Use 360-Degree Selfie Scenes

Transport yourself to another world with iPhone X

The Apple Clips app provides a fun and exciting way to take photos or videos. Just snap a quick pic or video, then apply a collection of fun effects and filters to jazz it up. Most impressive is the app's new ability to transport you to other worlds with 360-degree selfie scenes. Grab your iPhone X and get started!

The Clips app requires what Apple calls a TrueDepth camera that can discern your face and body from the background. The iPhone X line and later are the only iPhones that offer this camera.

Access Selfie Scenes in Apple Clips

To get started, download the Apple Clips app from the App Store. The application is free with no additional purchases required.

In the application, select the Scenes option below the camera viewfinder to place you into the newly designed Scenes mode. Scroll through the available options and tap a scene to download it to your iPhone.

Scenes, Select, and final Scene image in Apple Clips

At the bottom of the screen, select from a collection of environments to place yourself in scenes such as a city metropolis, a riverfront, an 8-bit landscape, a Japanese tea garden, the center of the solar system, and more.

Enter a World of Disney, Star Wars, and More

Take some time to explore your favorite spots in the Star Wars universe including the Millennium Falcon and a star destroyer. If you're a Disney fan, immerse yourself in Dory’s Reef from Finding Dory or the Scare Floor from Monster’s Inc.

Apple Clips video on Starwars ship.

After you select a scene, use common iPhone camera controls to snap a photo or video. Tap the white Circle button to capture your favorite pose or hold the Red button to record a video.

Add Stickers and Effects to Tune Your Shot

Get creative and include labels, stickers, and emojis in your snapshots. Let your artistic side come out as you create the ultimate selfie.

The process doesn't have to end after you record your favorite new clip. Saved videos allow you to go a step further. To enter an easy editing mode, go to the bottom of the camera screen and tap the clip you want to alter.

Apply, Labels, Stickers, Emoji buttons in iOS Clips

Use the video tools to edit effects, alter the volume, and trim parts of the video you don’t want to share. With the trim tool, drag the yellow bars at either end of the clip to select the portions of the video that you want to keep, then tap the Apply button to save it.

When you are pleased with your digital creation, tap the Share button (the box with an arrow pointing upwards) to save the video to your phone, or send it using your favorite social media or messaging app.