Apple Claims iPad mini Wobbling Is Normal

It appears there is nothing to fix

Apple states that the jelly-like wobbling that has been plaguing owners of the latest iPad mini is perfectly normal.

Since its launch, users of the sixth-generation iPad mini have complained of a strange wobbling occurring on their devices. Twitter users have even posted videos showing the wobbling in action, where one side scrolls at a different rate than the other. But according to a report by Ars Technica, an Apple spokesperson told the publication that the wobble is perfectly normal for the device’s LCD screen.

Woman frustrated at iPad

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The jelly-like scrolling doesn’t hurt the functionality of the iPad mini, but it can still be annoying. It also seems the effect is much more noticeable in a portrait view than in landscape mode.

According to Ars Technica, the Apple spokesperson said that since the LCD screen refreshes line by line, there is a slight delay between the top and bottom of the display. They refresh at different intervals, and this causes the uneven scrolling.

However, there is skepticism towards Apple’s response. While the wobble does exist on older iPads, Ars Technica claims it is much more noticeable on the new iPad mini.

Man frustrated at iPad

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Apple claims this isn’t a hardware or software issue that needs to be fixed.

It’s currently unknown how widespread this problem is, even after a week since the launch of the latest iPad mini. It also remains to be seen whether or not Apple will do something, especially after many users have complained about it.

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