Apple App Developers Can Now Offer Universal App Purchases

Buy an app on iOS and get credit for it on macOS

Why This Matters:

Apple may not be creating one unified OS across its platforms, but it is cinching them closer together with options like this. For consumers, it means convenience and, perhaps, saving a little money.

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Courtesy of Apple

Apple customers can now, with developer support, buy one version of an app and get credit for it on another platform. The Universal Purchase option even covers in-app purchases.

A change for developers: Apple informed developers last month that it planned to offer them the option to build universal purchase into its apps. It also promised to unify app categories across platforms to ease the process.

Start your development: According to Engadget, the toolset is now live and developers now have different categories to choose from. Some, like “Photography” and “Video” in the Mac App Store, are combined into “Photo & Video” to better align with offerings in iOS.

Convergence is real: Last year, Apple introduced its Mac Catalyst tool, which helps developers bring iPad apps to the Mac. The Universal Purchase toolset is simply more support for Apple’s platform converging world view.

This helps me, how? For consumers, buying one app on the Mac and getting credit for the same app on your iPhone or iPad is a clear benefit. No more paying twice and managing costs for in-app purchases on two different platforms.

Bottom Line: Don’t expect to see Universal Purchases on your Mac, iPadOS, and iOS apps right away. Developers just got the tools. Still, it stands to reason they’d adopt them quickly, because the unified approach is sure to raise customer satisfaction.

Via: Engadget

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