Apple Adds Password Manager to iCloud for Windows

Manage passwords on your iCloud keychain

Apple's latest update for its Windows iCloud app includes the ability to manage your passwords in your keychain.

iCloud for Windows has made it possible for users to access their photos, drive, mail, contacts, calendars, and bookmarks between devices for some time. With this new 12.5 update, you're now also able to directly manage the passwords in your iCloud Keychain. Granted, syncing and managing passwords across multiple devices isn't a new concept, but this does make macOS/iOS-to-PC transitioning easier.

iCloud keychain


Once you've downloaded the update you'll have the option to look up, edit, copy, paste, add, or delete the passwords you have stored. You also can set up and manage additional Keychain accounts for individual users.

Passwords can then be synced between your devices using a Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome extension. This makes it possible for your passwords to auto-fill across your Windows and iOS devices—so long as they can all access your iCloud Keychain.

According to Engadget, the Windows iCloud app stores your passwords locally, using an encrypted database, then securely transfers passwords to whichever browser extension. It also will save and sync user names and passwords for websites, but will not store personal information (i.e. Social Security numbers and the like).

iCloud for Windows


The iCloud app also will not store information or sync password information for applications—only web browsers.

You can download the update for iCloud on Windows now. If you're interested in checking it out, you'll need Outlook 2016 or later to make use of email, contacts, and calendars. Bookmarks require at least Firefox 68 or Chrome 80.

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