Apple Addresses Privacy Issues With AirTags and Find My

New safety features to roll out this year

Apple plans to roll out a series of changes to AirTags and the Find My network to address unwanted tracking.

Apple recently announced the changes, saying it has worked closely with safety experts and law enforcement to decide what improvements should be made to better protect users. Initially, the changes will include new alerts and warnings while Apple works on adding new safety features, set to release later this year.

Man with AirTag on backpack

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In a future update, new AirTag users will get a notice stating that the product is only meant to be used on their own belongings. If you misuse it, the police can obtain information identifying the AirTag’s owner.

AirPods have also been used to track people, and in that same update, an alert will appear on your iPhone stating that you’re traveling with an unknown AirPod. Previously, the alert would just mention “Unknown Accessory Detected.”

Apple also updated its unwanted tracking article to better explain current safety features on AirTags, AirPods, and the Find My network, plus what triggers security alerts.

As for new features, Apple is working on adding Precision Finding, which acts like a sonar to locate unknown AirTags on a person. The feature combines several capabilities on an iPhone to locate the device via haptic feedback.

Man using AirTag

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Apple also plans to increase the volume on AirTags and notifying people earlier if an unknown device is found, but Apple didn’t say how much louder or how much sooner the alerts will arrive.

Since these features are still in the works, there is no exact information about when these features will arrive nor which software version will include the update.

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