Apple Adding COVID-19 Vaccine Cards to Health and Wallet App

The feature is included in iOS 15

Apple iOS 15.1 is currently in public beta, and with it, users now can store verifiable health records, such as their COVID-19 vaccination status and test results.

As outlined in a post on the Developer blog, users can upload their status onto the Health app and use that information to generate a vaccination card in the Apple Wallet app.

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The Apple Wallet vaccination card can be shown to businesses that require a person’s vaccination status, like airlines and event venues. The cards are based on SMART Health Cards, which show clinical information used by several states and businesses.

Users can securely download and store their SMART Health Card information onto the Health app for ease of use. California, Louisiana, New York, Virginia, Hawaii, and certain counties in Maryland all support these Health Cards, so users in those states can move their vaccination status into the Health app on iOS 15.

Walmart, Sam’s Club, and CVS also support SMART Health Cards, so people who have been vaccinated through those companies can also add their vaccination status to the same apps.

Users in states that don’t support SMART Health Cards still can enter their vaccination status manually. The feature is not restricted to only being used with the Health Cards.

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The focus on this feature appears to be the United States. Apple does not mention whether or not this verification feature will go out to other countries.

Users can sign up for the iOS15.1 public beta on Apple’s website.

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