Ali Jardine's App Stacking Tutorial

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My Intuition

When In Doubt Stick A Bird On It. Ali Jardine

It has almost been 5 years since I started making art with my iPhone.  The apps I use have changed a little, but the process has pretty much stayed the same.  Intuition is an important tool I use when making a new image.  I start with a background photo and build it up with elements and color, always thinking about visual movement and composition.  Sometimes I have an almost complete idea, and other times I just start playing around and work organically. 

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Some of My Favorite Apps

Lenslight. Ali Jardine

For this image I used three of my favorite apps, Juxtaposer (a great app to mask images), Lens Light (a great app to add light sources to images), and Mextures (an amazing app to edit using basic editing tools as well as using preset filters).  I started in Juxtaposer with a background image. Juxtaposer is one of the first apps I bought and it is one of the most important apps in my toolbox.  I have created hundreds of stamps that I keep in Juxtaposer to use when needed.  To add a top image I chose Load Stamp and then chose a stamp I made of my daughter, Pippin, dancing.  I next added another stamp that I made of some birds by going to the menu (left hand side, three bars, three dots), choosing add new top image and then load stamp.  After arranging the birds, I went back to the menu and chose stamp top image.  I did this about 20,000 times until I had enough birds.  (Just kidding.) 

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My Shining Star

Lenslight 2. Ali Jardine

I opened my saved image in Lens Light next.  Lens Light is an app that gives you light elements to add a little sparkle to your images.  I appreciate that I can control almost everything in this app from brightness to color and can even mask parts out.  I wanted to make sure the viewer knew my daughter, Pippin, kicked it with the sun so I helped the sun shine a little brighter by adding the Helios effect found in the Sun Collection of the app. I layered two Helios and played with the brightness in edit and then used the mask tool to take the sun down a notch (because my daughter should be shining the brightest!).

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Complete the Process

Lenslight 3. Ali Jardine

I saved my photo and opened it in Mextures.  Mextures is and app that I use when I want to make my photos look a little more painted and grungy. The textures and grunge are some of my favorites from any app I’ve found so far.  I tried out a bunch of fun combos, but settled on Autumn Skies in the Landscape Enhance category at 33% and then layered (to layer click on the circle with the plus) Ominous at 34% in the Atmospheric category.  I saved my photo and was finished.

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Create and Share

Last Piece. Ali Jardine

There are a lot of great apps for iPhoneography and iPhone art (There are many apps similar for Android and Windows Phone OS).  Some of my other favorites are the new Instagram app, Layout, the amazing editing app, Snapseed (iOS Android), which I really couldn’t live without and a new favorite that I’ve just started playing around with, iColorama.  If you have a favorite app, please leave a comment on my Instagram and tell me why you like it so much so I can try it out,  I would love to see what beautiful things you are creating and sharing with the world!

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