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How to Get Drivers & Other Support for Your AOPEN Hardware

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AOPEN is a computer technology company that manufactures motherboards, optical drives, keyboards, touch displays, mice, speakers, cases, power supplies, video cards, sound cards, as well as complete computer systems.

All of AOPEN's products and downloads can be found through their global website at, or through their country-specific pages via their main website.

AOPEN Support

AOPEN provides technical support for their products through an online support website:

This support page is used to find everything you see below, from driver and product manual downloads to email and phone support options, as well as product warranty information.

AOPEN Driver Download

AOPEN's online source for driver downloads for their hardware is here:

You can find drivers for a specific product via the drop-down options at the top right of the download page. Choose a product from the first list followed by the model number.

Most driver downloads from AOPEN are compressed in a ZIP archive. They should be able to open normally with a double-click or double-tap, but if not, try using the free 7-Zip file extractor program.

It's always best to download drivers directly from the manufacturer - AOPEN in this case. However, if you can't find the driver that you're looking for, there are other places to download drivers, too.

Another option is to install a free driver updater tool on your computer. Those types of programs will scan your computer for missing or outdated drivers and tell you exactly which ones need updated and how to download the update. Some even download and install the driver update for you. We highly recommend trying one of those freeware tools to download the AOPEN driver if you can't find it through the above links.

Not sure how to update the drivers for your AOPEN hardware? If you already have an AOPEN driver downloaded and ready to install, see How to Update Drivers in Windows for easy driver update instructions.

AOPEN Product Manuals

Many of the user guides, instructions, and other manuals for AOPEN hardware are available on the AOPEN support website:

From the link above, choose the correct product and model from the options at the top of the page. Then, select Manual from the "Categories" section to filter the results to show only the product manuals.

Another way to find AOPEN manuals is to first use the Advanced Search button to open a new search page. Pick Manual from the "Categories" menu and then search for the product using the "Keyword" or "Search By" menu.

Most of the manuals downloaded from AOPEN are available in the PDF format. If you don't have one already, there are plenty of free PDF readers available that can open these types of files.

AOPEN Telephone Support

AOPEN also provides technical support over the phone at 1-888-972-6736. If you're not in the United States, see the AOPEN Headquarters Contact page for region-specific contact numbers.

We highly recommend reading through our Tips on Talking to Tech Support before calling AOPEN tech support for some pointers on how to best handle the call with tech support.

AOPEN Email Support

AOPEN provides email support at If that email address doesn't work, try and ask for tech support.

For region-specific email addresses, visit the global contact page and use the E-MAIL button to start the conversation.

You can also submit a request for support via the Submit a Ticket page at AOPEN's Helpdesk.

AOPEN Forum Support

AOPEN's Help Desk also serves as a forum to further support their hardware. Here you'll find questions from other users, as well as a helpful list of FAQs:

AOPEN Social Media Support

AOPEN also has a Twitter page you can visit that might be useful when requesting support:

There's also an official AOPEN Facebook page you might try if the other support options haven't been helpful: