Watch Free Online Music Videos with AOL Music

AOL Music Showcase
Jason Persse/Flickr/CC 2.0

Overview of AOL Music:

AOL Music is AOL’s website dedicated exclusively to music videos.

What can I watch on AOL Music?:

AOL Music features more than 18,000 music videos.You’re more likely to find popular artists here, but with so many videos to pick from, you probably won’t be disappointed. AOL Music also has a section devoted to live concert footage, though the selection there is a little more limited.

What do AOL Music Videos look like?:

AOL Music videos play on a three-by-three inch screen. Video quality is fairly good for all videos.

How do I watch AOL Music videos?:

You need Adobe Flash Player 9 to view the videos, and some also require the Mozilla ActiveX plugin. Videos that need this plugin have a link where you can download it free.

Additional Features on AOL Music:

AOL Music thoughtfully provides HTML code that you can copy and paste to embed any music video you like in another webpage. You’re also provided with a fullscreen option, and you can even send the video to friends by clicking “Share” under the viewer.

How much does AOL Music cost?:

AOL Music is free, although you have to put up with a short ad at the beginning of each video.