How to Access AOL Email for Mac

The Apple Mail app is preconfigured to access AOL Email

While you can always check your AOL email through a web browser, Apple Mail allows you to access the same content and features from a simple app. Most operating systems support an email client that can send and receive email through AOL.

There are two ways to do this. One is to use POP (Post Office Protocol), which fetches your messages for offline access so you can read all of your new emails. The other is through IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol); when you mark messages as Read or Delete messages, you see those changes reflected in other email clients and online through a browser.

It's your choice which to use, but neither one is difficult to configure because the Mail app comes preconfigured for AOL.

How to Set up AOL Mail on a Mac Using IMAP

  1. Open Apple Mail, and select Mail > Preferences from the menu bar.

    Selecting Preferences in Mail.
  2. Select the Accounts tab.

    Selecting the Accounts tab in Mail.
  3. Select the + button under the accounts list.

    Selecting the plus sign to add an account.
  4. Select AOL, then select Continue.

    Selecting AOL account.
  5. Enter your name, AOL email address, and AOL password in the text fields.

    Entering in AOL credentials.
  6. Select Sign In.

    Selecting Sign In.
  7. Highlight the newly created AOL account in Accounts list.

    Selecting the newly added AOL account.
  8. Select the Mailbox Behaviors tab.

    Selecting the Mailbox Behaviors tab in Mail.
  9. In the Sent pane, make sure Store sent messages on the server is not checked.

  10. In the Junk pane, open the drop-down menu and select Quitting Mail.

  11. Close the Accounts configuration window. Select Save if asked to Save changes to the 'AOL' IMAP account?

How to Set up AOL Mail on a Mac Using POP

  1. Setup your AOL account as shown in the section above labeled How to Set up AOL Mail on a Mac Using IMAP.

  2. Select the Server settings tab.

    Selecting Server Settings tab in Mail.
  3. In the Outgoing Mail Account menu, select Edit SMTP Server List from the drop down.

    Editing the SMTP Server List in Mail.
  4. Select the + sign.

    Selecting the plus sign in server settings.
  5. Double-click the highlighted text under Server Name.

    Double clicking the server name.
  6. In Host Name, enter

    Entering in the AOL host name.
  7. Enter your AOL username and password into the corresponding boxes below.

    Entering in username and password.
  8. Select Agree on the terms and agreements page.

    Agreeing to terms.
  9. Select which applications you wish to use with this mail account and select Done.

    Selecting which apps you want to use with AOL.
  10. Close the Accounts configuration window.

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