Get AIM Mail File Mail Using Filters

You don't have to sort your email yourself if you use filters

Learn how to create an email filter in AOL Mail

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Messages in AIM Mail or AOL Mail Inbox have different priorities. There's everything from mail that needs to be read and acted on immediately to newsletters that can wait a week or two. These messages are identifiable by sender and subject but not by priority. Don't go through the list manually to spot the important emails. AIM Mail and AOL Mail can move messages to a designated folder. This way, important email is moved to a separate folder.

Use Filters to Instruct AOL Mail File Mail

Set up a filtering rule in AIM Mail or AOL Mail to sort email as it arrives into the folder you chose.

  1. Go to the Options menu, then choose Mail Settings.

    Mail Settings option in AOL Mail
  2. Select Filter Settings.

    Filter Settings option in AOL Mail
  3. Select Create Filter.

  4. In the Create a filter called text box, enter a name for the filter.

    Name field for filter
  5. Select the Look for incoming messages matching all of the following drop-down arrow, then choose the first filter criteria you want to use.

    Email filter options in AOL Mail
  6. Enter the word, phrase, or email address by which you want to filter email messages.

    Subject contains "Meeting" Filter option
  7. Select the Plus sign (+) to add additional criteria. Enter any additional information by which to filter email messages.

    Plus sign to enter more criteria
  8. Select the Move to Folder drop-down arrow and choose the folder to which you want filtered messages delivered.

    Choose New Folder and enter a folder name to create a new folder for filtered emails.

    Move to folder dropdown menu
  9. Select Save to create the new filter.

Edit an Email Filter in AOL Mail

You can change the settings of an email filter at any time.

  1. Point to the name of the filter you want to edit to display an Edit option.

    Edit filter option in AOL Mail
  2. Select Edit. The Create a Filter dialog box opens and displays the current settings.

  3. Enter the change you want to make.

  4. Select Save.

To delete a filter, point to the name of the filter, then select the X next to the Edit option.

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