Anycubic Has 2 New 3D Printers for Amateurs and Experienced Users

Promising entry-level pricing and more accurate printing, respectively

Anycubic is back with a new consumer-grade LCD 3D printer and a high-speed entry-level FDM model.

It wasn't that long ago that Anycubic revealed its Mono 2 resin-based 4K 3D printer, and now two more are on the way. The Kobra 2 and the Mono M5s are intended for consumer-level 3D printing, with the former intended as a quick and easy beginner's device and the latter for high detail.

Mono M5s and Kobra 2 3D printers


The Kobra 2 is an FDM (plastic filament-based) printer that aims to be an ideal jumping-off point for those looking to get into 3D printing. It promises a "universally accessible" price (which has yet to be revealed) and a generally faster printing speed than many other FDM printers.

Anycubic says this is made possible by the Kobra 2's cooling system, the mechanic structure of its extruder, and a "double-Z axis rod design," allowing it to print between 150- 250mm per second.

Painted prints made by the mono M5s


However, the Mono M5s is an LCD printer (i.e., it uses a liquid resin, not plastic filament) that boasts a resolution of up to 12K and an average printing speed of 105mm per hour. As for its claims of being leveling-free, this would eliminate (or at least reduce) the need to calibrate the distance between the print bed and nozzle, ideally resulting in fewer printing errors.

The Kobra 2 printer goes on sale May 20 at 9:00 AM ET for $269, while the Mono 5s printer will be live at 10:00 AM ET on May 22 for $399, early bird pricing that lasts until May 24. More details about the AnyCubic Mono 5s are available in a video on YouTube.

5/15/2023 Update: Added pricing and a link to the YouTube video in the final paragraph.

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