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Anthem MRX 1120 Home Theater Receiver
Anthem Image of an Anthem MRX 1120 Home Theater Receiver. Image © Anthem

Anthem is well known for its high-end audio component separates, such as power amplifiers and preamps, as well as its MRX-20-series home theater receivers that feature heavy duty construction and added control options tailored for custom installations.

There are three models in Anthem's "20" Series, the MRX 520, MRX 720, MRX 1120. The MRX 520 provides 5.1 channel configuration, while the MRX 720 supports up to a 7.1 configuration, and the MRX 1120 adds the ability to provide up to an 11.1. channel configuration.

MRX 20 Series Receivers - Common Features

All three receivers are also HDMI 2.Oa, 3D, 4K, 4K, HDR, and HDCP 2.2 compliant and also incorporate 32-bith DACs (Digital-analog-converters) for optimum audio quality from any digital source. Other common features include a front mounted USB port for firmware upgrade installation, and a Zone 2 option that allows any analog or digital source to be accommodated.

Also, to make speaker setup easy, all of Anthem's MRX Home Theater Receivers incorporate Anthem Room Correction, which uses a special provided software program working in conjunction with a PC/Laptop, provided microphone (also comes with a special high-quality sturdy tripod), and the receiver to calculate frequency response curves and make any needed adjustments to optimize the performance of the receiver and speakers for your specific room environment.

It is important to note that Anthem also refers to Anthem Room Correction system as ARC - But that label should not to be confused with Audio Return Channel feature which all of the receivers also support.

Another important aspect of all three receivers is the provision for integration into custom control systems. In addition to the standard wirless remote control that is provided, all receivers are compatible with IP (Internet Protocol - allows control via wired or wireless home network via the internet) and RS232-C control systems, and also feature IR extender inputs and 12 Trigger outputs (can be used to turn other devices on/off, or activating motorized video projection screens).

MRX 520

The MRX 520, as stated above, provides a 5.1 channel configuration with support for Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio decoding, as well as additional audio processing. 7 HDMI inputs are provided (one of which is MHL-enabled). In addition, an added bonus is that 2 HDMI outputs (parallel) are provided that allow the same video source to be displayed on two TVs, two video projectors, or a TV and video product at the same time.

Other input options include 3 digital optical, 2 digital coaxial, and 5 analog stereo inputs, as well as 1 digital optical output. 5 channel preamp outputs are also provided, as well as 2 subwoofer preamp outputs, and a set of Zone 2 preamp outputs.

MRX 720

The mid-entry MRX720 builds on the foundation set by the MRX 520 but supports up to a 7.1 channel configuration as well as several step-up features, including Dolby Atmos and DTS:X surround sound audio decoding capability (with support for a 5.1.2 speaker setup for Dolby Atmos), as well as the incorporation of DTS Play-Fi.

DTS Play-Fi allows the MRX720 to be integrated into a wireless multi-room audio system with compatible powered wireless speakers and devices using the downloadable Play-Fi app for iOS and Android smartphones, Kindle Fire, and PCs. The DTS Play-Fi app also provides access to several online music streaming services, such Tidal, Spotify, Songza, Pandora, SiriusXM, Rhapsody.

To dig deeper into the MRX-720 (including more specifics on how use the ARC speaker setup system and Play-Fi), read my full review.

MRX 1120

Arriving at the top of the MRX home theater receiver line, is the 11-channel MRX 1120. Just as the MRX 720 builds on the function of the MRX720 (including the incorporation of Dolby Atmos/DTS:X and DTS Play-Fi), the added built-in amplified channels provide support for a 7.1.4 channel configuration, or 5.1.4 main zone and 2 channel Zone 2 simultaneous powered speaker configuration.

Note: If you want to run a 7.1.4 setup in our Main Zone and still run a Zone 2 setup at the same, you will need to use the Zone 2 preamp outputs in combination with optional external amplifiers).

The suggested price for the MRX 520 is $1,399, MRX 720 is $2,499, and for the MRX 1120, $3,499. Anthem products are rarely discounted.

More From Anthem

In addition the MRX "20 series" home theater receiver line-up Anthem has also provided som preliminary information on its forthcoming AVM 60 AV Preamp/Processor which provides the same channel configuration and audio/video capabilities of the MRX1120 home theater receiver, but since is it a preamp/processor, and not a home theater receiver, it requires external amplification to power speakers (both RCA and XLR-type preamp outputs are provided for connection to one, or more power amplifiers.

The suggested price for the AVM 60 is $2,999. New Optional external power amplifiers offered by Anthem include the MCA 525 (5-channels: $3,499), MCA 325 (3-channels: $2,499), and the MCA 225 (2-channels: $1,999).

Anthem AV products are only available through authorized Brick and Mortar and Online Dealers and Installers.