How to Answer a Call on a Samsung Galaxy Watch

All your Dick Tracy dreams have come true!

What to Know

  • Answer the call on the watch by swiping from the left side to the middle when a call comes in.
  • Or, rotate the watch bezel clockwise (if your watch has a rotating bezel).

One of the best features of the Samsung Galaxy Watch is the ability to receive phone calls. We'll cover both ways to answer a call on your watch, another way to transfer a call to your watch, and some other test notes we learned along the way.

How Do I Answer a Call on My Galaxy Watch?

Depending on your watch, there are two ways to answer a call. When a call comes in, you'll see the caller's name, the phone number, a green answer icon on the left, and a red hang-up button on the right.

To answer the call, you can tap the green answer button on the left and swipe your finger to the center of the screen. As you do, the green button will get larger. Alternatively, if your watch has a rotating bezel, you can rotate the bezel clockwise. As you do so, you'll see the same green button animation. 

Answer phone icon on Samsung Galaxy Watch

Once you answer the call, you'll see the call timer, the name of your caller, three other buttons, and a hang-up button. You're free to speak to your caller through the microphone on the watch. You'll hear the caller talking through the watch's very tinny speaker. To hang up, press the red hang-up button.

End call icon on Samsung Galaxy Watch

How Do I Talk to My Galaxy Watch If I Answered on My Phone?

Once you answer a call on your smartphone, you're not stuck there. You can transfer the call to your watch if you need to go hands-free.

  1. On your phone, tap the Phone button.

  2. Tap Galaxy Watch.

    Phone icon and Galaxy Watch highlighted in Android Phone app

That's it. Once you tap the Galaxy Watch button, the call will transfer to your watch. You can switch the call back to your phone by following the same steps and selecting Phone.

Set Up Notes

Of course, for all of this to work, you must connect your watch to your phone. Your watch can connect to your phone via Bluetooth or by Wi-Fi, but for phone calls to work on your watch, you must be within the Bluetooth range of your phone. Also, the speaker is not the loudest, so be sure you're in a quiet environment.

You can adjust the volume by tapping the volume icon or by rotating the bezel. To send the call back to the phone, press the arrow pointing at a phone button. The last button (looks like a microphone with a line through it) mutes the call.

  • How do I make calls on my Samsung Galaxy Watch?

    First, connect your phone to your Samsung Watch. On your watch, tap Phone and choose the Keypad or Contacts. Tap the green phone icon to start the call.

  • Why is my Samsung Galaxy Watch not showing calls?

    There could be an issue with the connection, or notifications could be turned off. On your phone, go to the Galaxy Wearable app and tap Watch settings > Notifications to manage your notification settings. If you're still having trouble, re-pair your watch with your phone.

  • How far away can I be from my phone and make calls on my Samsung Galaxy Watch?

    The Galaxy Watch's wireless range is about 30 feet, so you can be pretty far away in an open environment. Physical barriers like doors and walls can block the signal.

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