7 Annoying Things About the Wii U

Those little annoyances can add up

The Wii U was the successor to the Nintendo Wii and the predecessor to the Nintendo Switch. Most people have fond memories of the console, but it had a few flaws. We've taken a look back at those imperfections, from the annoying Wii U startup sounds to the awkward backward compatibility with the Wii.

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Unending Miiverse Babble

Nintendo Wii U Homescreen

For some reason, Nintendo dislikes silence. Turn on a PS3 or an Xbox 360 and you get a startup riff and then blessed silence, but the Wii U insists on giving you annoying, repetitive music combined with weird little exclamations from other players' Miis. This combined with the lack of a mute button on the TV controls suggests someone at Nintendo likes noise all the time.

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No Way to Transfer Downloads Between Consoles

With the Wii U, all content is downloaded through a user account, yet downloads are still tied to the specific console (unlike the PS3 and 360). In other words, if you get an updated console with more storage space, there's no way to transfer your games. Fortunately, it's possible to transfer data between Nintendo Switch consoles.

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Sound Lag Between the TV and Gamepad

Depending on your TV, you may have an issue with sound lag, in which the sound coming from your television speakers is not quite in sync with the sound coming from your gamepad. You can turn off the sound on the gamepad to avoid hearing an echo, but some games offer different sounds on the gamepad (like verbal communications), so you could end up missing something important.

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No Mute Button On the TV Remote

It’s great that the Wii U gamepad doubles as a TV remote, but why on Earth isn’t there a mute button? While you can adjust your television's volume with the gamepad, it'd be nice if there was a way to instantly shut off the sound.

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Google Searches Go Through Japan

Originally on the Wii U, if you clicked on the search icon in the internet browser, you could immediately type in your search and get results. One day, selecting search suddenly started taking users to Nintendo's Japanese website, which redirects to a Google search page. You can still have the old instant search box set up, but only if you switch to the Wii U's other search option, Yahoo. 

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The Wii U Browser Doesn't Support Flash

The Wii U web browser embraced the new HTML5 standard, but its lack of support for Flash limits the type of content you can access. For example, you can’t use Pandora Radio or play most free internet games. The omission of Flash is especially odd considering that the Wii supported it.

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The Wii Emulator

To play GameCube games on the Wii, you just put the GameCube disk into the Wii and start the game. With the Wii U, you must start the Wii emulator first. It’s a weird, awkward approach to backward compatibility. Ideally, Nintendo should have made the Wii game experience even better by using the power of the Wii U to upscale Wii game graphics. On the bright side, this approach means that the emulator can play Wii homebrew games.

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