Anker’s New Chargers Work Faster, Draw Less Power

And can handle several devices at once

Several new chargers are on the way from Anker, claiming faster charging times despite using less overall energy in the process.

This new generation of Gallium Nitride (GaN) chargers uses an updated version of the technology, which Anker calls GaNPrime. In the press release, Anker's CEO of Innovations, Steven Yang, said, "GaNPrime represents a new era in charging. In addition to delivering a faster and safer charging experience, our new GaNPrime chargers offer significant savings in energy consumption, reinforcing Anker's commitment to a more sustainable future."

Anker 65W 735 GaNPrime Charger


The new GaNPrime chargers maintain the compact design of other Anker chargers while also offering multiple ports for both USB-A and USB-C cables—even AC ports in some instances. The expectation is that this adaptability will reduce the need for using or purchasing multiple types of device chargers in the future.

But it's the improved energy efficiency of these new GaNPrime chargers that Anker is really focusing on. Unspecified "green tech" improvements to the base GaN system claims energy conservation at a smaller size when compared to silicon-based chargers. Each GaNPrime charger also utilizes smart charging that can both monitor temperature to avoid overheating and determine how best to route power when multiple devices are charging simultaneously.

Anker 150W 747 GaNPrime Charger

Most of Anker's new chargers will be available later today, though as of writing, not all of the associated product pages are loading. The 615 Power Strip ($69.99), 727 Charging Station ($94.99), and 65W 735 Charger ($59.99) will be available from both Amazon and Anker's websites. While both the 733 Power Bank ($99.99) and 120W 737 Charger ($94.99) are available directly from Anker, with preorders for a Q3 release will be up on Amazon. Lastly, preorders will soon be available for the 150W 747 Charger ($109.99) that's releasing in Q3.

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