Anker’s New Charger May Be Small, but It’s Also Fast

And it was designed with a focus on Apple devices

Anker's latest charger is about as big as a "classic" iPhone plug, but don't let its size fool you.

It's no surprise that one of the better-known mobile charging accessory companies would continue iterating and making new products, but this time Anker is downsizing. Specifically, it has a new 511 (Nano 3) charger that's comparably tiny—roughly the size of a USB-C to wall outlet adapter—but it's more than just a plug, obviously.

Anker 511 (Nano 3) chargers


Aside from the apparent portability (plus the plug can fold in to save a bit more space), Anker claims the Nano 3 provides "optimum charging speeds" to just about any device (including some laptops), so long as they're USB-C compatible. The Nano 3 can supposedly get select (unspecified) iPhone models to a 50% charge in about 30 minutes, and it supports Samsung's Programmable Power Supply (PPS) for Super Fast Charging.

There's more to the Nano 3 than charging fast, though. It also has built-in safety measures. Despite its size, it also uses Anker's ActiveShield 2.0, which the company says will keep an eye on charging temperatures and can automatically adjust the output if things start to get too hot.

The Anker 511 (Nano 3) is available now, in one of five different colors, for $22.99, though that only covers the charger itself. If you want a new USB-C cable (or need to replace your own USB-C cable), you'll have to buy one separately, or you could spring for the charger plus cable bundle for $37.99 if you don't mind a more limited color selection.

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