Anker’s 4G Starlight Security Camera Doesn’t Need WI-FI

It also has 2K resolution and a built-in light sensor

The latest security camera from Anker puts an emphasis on long battery life, image resolution, and not needing a Wi-Fi connection.

Recent problems with Wyze security cameras may have left some people looking for a replacement, and Anker's new eufy 4G Starlight Camera is certainly one such option (of many). This specific camera is likely best used for large or rural properties as its main draw is that it doesn't require a Wi-Fi connection, so wireless modem/router range is a non-issue. That said, you will need an AT&T data-only SIM card to use its 4G capabilities.

eufy 4G Starlight Camera with optional solar mount


Along with circumventing the need for Wi-Fi, the 4G Starlight also sports a 2K resolution and a built-in night sensor for clearer images than the eufyCam 2C in any lighting conditions. It also includes 8GB of encrypted internal storage using an enhanced multimedia card. And according to Anker, the battery can last for up to three months (yes, months) on a single charge in Standby mode—or indefinitely if you opt for the solar panel add-on and find a sunny spot.

eufy 4G Starlight Camera at night


Rounding out the 4G Starlight's list of features is an IP67 resistance rating so it can hold up outside under most weather conditions and a built-in GPS (in case it goes missing). Additionally, it uses AI-driven human detection to reduce false alarms and has an option for a 2-way vocal warning against potential intruders.

Anker's eufy Security 4G Starlight Camera is available in the US now for $249 (or $269 with the solar panel mount option). The UK and Germany will have to wait a few more weeks before it releases in mid-May for £249 and €249, respectively.

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