Best Places to Find Anime Clip Art, Pictures, and Graphics

Free and purchased anime images for your website

If your style includes anime and manga, you may want to add clip art, pictures, and graphics to your website in that style. Where can you find images that you can use without violating copyright?

Free Anime Clip Art

Often you want to find free clip art you can use, especially if you just want an image or two. But you should make sure you are using art that is in the public domain and not stealing a copyright-protected image. These sites ensure the pieces have had the rights released and you are free to use them.

Anime character.
 Mali Maeder / Pexels 
  • Openclipart Anime Clipart: These public domain images are available for free. There are about 100 free anime images you can download in various sizes. Artists upload them knowing they are releasing all rights with the Creative Commons Zero 1.0 License
  • WPClipart: This curated collection of free anime clipart has dozens of images that the site manager, Paul Sherman, ensures are appropriate for school kids and are free of copyright concerns. You can use and modify them as you wish and download them in several formats including .png, .svg, .webp and .jpg.
  • Anime Vector Clip Art: This site has over 100 free public domain anime vectors you can download. They offer many of the same as you see at

Anime Clip Art From Sales Sites

If you can't find what you want on a free site, you may be able to pay just a few dollars and find the image you really want. By buying the art from a reputable site, you can be assured you won't have the artist or a media company sending you a nastygram.

  • CanStockPhoto Manga Illustrations and Clipart: You can find thousands of manga and anime stock photos and illustrations at this site. You will pay a fee that is often based on the size and resolution of the image you download, or you can save by buying credits or a subscription. You can buy just one image at a time at this site and pay via card or PayPal. Beyond anime, you may have used for many more of their photos and clipart. With a subscription, you can receive free illustrations each month as well, although they are likely to be on other topics. These images include a standard license by default so you can use them on your website, videos, print newsletters, letterhead and more. You can't use them as part of products for resale unless the image has an enhanced license option. 
  • Anime and Manga Clipart: This site has over 10,000 anime images for purchase, as well as a couple of dozen for free. However, you have to buy a package of credits to start, or a monthly subscription, rather than just being able to buy one or two pieces. The standard license and the free image license cover use on websites and blogs and many other online and printed uses.
  • Anime: You will also need to buy a package or a subscription to download images from But if you're creating a website and you want a variety of images or several anime images, it is a good source of photos and graphics.