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From tutorials, resources, and software recommendations, here's everything you need to start animating and creating video with the best tools out there.
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Animation of stick figure elderly couple on chalkboard
How Animatic Is Used in Film and Animation
Vimeo icon on blue background
What Is Vimeo? An Intro to the Video Sharing Platform
Top view of crumpled papers on white background
What Is Video Compression?
Artists drawing, working at modern office
What Are Keyframes?
person looking at tablet while laying in bed
How to Add Text to a Movie in iMovie 10
Person smiling into a webcam
Record Quality Webcam Videos That Look and Sound Great
MacBook keyboard with a film slate resting upon it and a two pencils and a pad close by.
How to Export iMovie Files
Windows Media Player 12 Logo
Troubleshooting Tips for Windows Media Player
A video production slate.
The 5 Best Linux Video Editors of 2023
Student flipping through book; motion of turning pages
How to Create an Animation Flip Book
Portrait of intellectual man typing on laptop
A Guide to Preparing and Uploading Video to Vimeo
American animator and director Walt Disney, 1952.
A Brief History of the Walt Disney Company
frame from limited animation
Definition and Examples of Limited Animation
Woman throwing binders on man's desk.
All About Pixilation
How to Add Music and Fade-in and Fade-out Effects in iMovie 11
Camera man filming
How to Shoot Your Own Commercial
Illustration of a person playing Need For Speed Most Wanted on a computer
Speed up or Slow Down Video Clips With Adobe Premiere Pro CS6
Two figures of cutout faces talking for cut out animation
Using Cutouts in Animation
Filmmaker's clapboard
A Guide to Using Effects and Transitions in Your iMovie Projects
"Motion Graphics" word art collage
What Are Motion Graphics?
Screenshot of iMovie 10 opening screen
How to Split a Video Clip in iMovie
illustration of a man drawing a storyboard
What Are Animation Storyboards and What Role Do They Play?
iMovie titles screenshot
Using Titles in iMovie 11
VIdeographer considering options while looking at a computer screen
The Secrets of Professional Video Editing
Happy Tomato Cartoon Mascot Character Waving
Introduction to Vector Animation
Teenager drawing on a pad while listening to music
5 Things to Do Before You Start Animating
iMovie Screenshot
Edit iMovie Video Projects
show waveforms in iMovie
Audio Editing Tips for iMovie 10
Blue characters animation project
5 Free and Inexpensive Mac Animation Software Packages
Premiere Pro CS6 screenshot
Premiere Pro CS6 Tutorial: Creating Titles
These are a bunch of numbers
What are Ones, Twos, and Threes in Animation?
Hand drawing on an animation tablet
Learn the Distinctions Between Traditional and Computer Animation
Man holding a video camera
Adding Music and Sounds to a Project in Windows Movie Maker
Wireframe Buildings Plan
What Is a Wireframe in 3D Animation?
Screenshot of importing a file.
Adding Music to Your Movie Maker Video
Photographer filming the volcano eruption at the Holuhraun Fissure, near the Bardarbunga Volcano, Ic
7 Essential Equipment for Digital Video Production
Video games vs movies
Animation for Video Games vs. Movies
Video Editing,office stuff with Movie clapper laptop
How to Create a Movie Trailer in iMovie 10
Person at computer desk
Getting Started in Animation From the Comfort of Your Home
Adding titles in iMovie
Using Titles in iMovie 10
Photographer shoots a couple during their wedding
Wedding Videography Checklist
Video Editor Works with Footage and Sound on computer
Top Video Editing Effects
DVD in player
Burn a Gapless Audio CD in Windows Media Player 12
Windows Media Player Sync
How to Sync Music and Video Using Windows Media Player
Figure drawing with structural lines
What Are Structural and Center Lines?
Art of Animation Resort
10 Essential Art Supplies for the Traditional Animator
Fountain pen resting on the paper of sketch book.
Animation Character Sheet/Character Breakdown Basics
Windows Media Player screenshot
6 Essential Tutorials on Using Windows Media Player 11
Anime Fighter with Gun
What's the Difference Between Japanese and American Animation?
Illustration of man with different facial expressions
The Basics of Animation Style Guides
Illustration of a cross dissolve of blue and purple
Premiere Pro CS6 Tutorial - Changing the Default Transition
Photograph of man operating a professional video camera outdoors
The 8 Best Video Mergers of 2023
CD Burning with Large Yellow Flame to symbolize CD burning speed
Changing the Disc-Burning Speed in Windows Media Player 12
Video Editing,Movie clapper laptop and pencil notepad on the wood table top view shot.dark effect
Movie Maker AutoMovie Makes Video Editing Easy
Film reel cut outs
What Is Drawn-on-Film Animation?
Designer using graphics tablet at computer
How to Use Lights in After Effects
Mac Photos app showing the Favorites folder
Create a Photomontage With iMovie
Creative woman working at desk with coffee
How to Import Video Clips Into Windows Movie Maker
cell phone opened to iTunes store resting on a laptop next to a cup of coffee
How Do I Post My Video or Movie On iTunes?

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