Guide to Animated GIFs for Facebook

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Finding good-quality GIFs to use on Facebook is really easy. GIF files are short, repeating images often taken from video clips, but they can also be homemade animations or just sparkly moving images. People posting in social media often use GIFs as a way to convey a reaction or to summarize a message.

There are lots of places to search for GIFs, downloading (and sometimes making) them is easy, and Facebook supports posting them along with status updates, comments, and private messages.

Where to Find GIFs for Facebook

Screenshot of the GIPHY website
GIPHY Website.

GIFs are everywhere, but some of the more popular ways to get them is through websites dedicated to sharing images. GIPHY is one example where you can look for trending GIFs and GIFs in categories like entertainment, sports, holidays, memes, etc.

Imgur is known for their images, too, and plenty of them are GIFs that you can download straight from their app or website. You can browse for images by tags like funny, summer, uplifting, food, virtual reality, memes, and lots of others.

Another way to get yourself a great GIF to share with Facebook friends is by making your own, perfect for those times when you're quoting a video. You can turn videos into GIFs, as well as make them from scratch, online or through programs like GIMP or Photoshop. If you use Facebook on your phone the majority of the time, you might prefer GIF maker apps.

How to Use GIFs on Facebook

Screenshots showing how to share GIFs in a Facebook message
Sharing a GIF in a Facebook Message.

There are multiple ways to share GIFs on Facebook, both from a computer and the mobile app:

  1. You can use a GIF in your status along with any other regular text or emoji you want to post.

  2. You can send a GIF to someone over Facebook via a private message.

  3. You can post Facebook GIFs through the comments section on any post.

Finding GIFs for Facebook comments and messages is extremely easy considering that there's a method to do it right there on the website. If you don't want to search another site for GIFs, just click the GIF icon next to the text box to look for one you want to use.

Some online GIFs are displayed on the web page but aren't technically available in the GIF format, in which case posting the link through Facebook won't show your friends the GIF you want to share. You can tell whether this is the case if you try to download the GIF and it has the HTML or MP4 file extension instead of GIF. To avoid this, you have to keep clicking through until you reach a download page where you see a GIF URL you can copy or a download button.

More Information on Facebook GIFs

A GIF used through Facebook is actually no different than any other GIF on the internet. So, if you find a GIF on Reddit or Tumblr, or swipe one from a text message or email, sharing it to Facebook is as easy as saving the GIF to your computer or phone and then uploading the same one to Facebook.

If you can't seem to upload the GIF to Facebook and make it display correctly, another option is to save the GIF to an image hosting site and then share the link on Facebook. Just upload your GIF to one of those websites, copy the link, and paste it in Facebook to instantly share the image.

Online storage sites are also really useful if you like to pick from dozens (or hundreds) of your favorite GIFs. Instead of storing them all on your device, upload them online and have them available anywhere you go.

If all you have is the URL to a GIF (i.e., it's not downloaded to your device), you can still post it as part of your Facebook status by pasting the link into the status box. You can then build your status normally, and even erase the GIF link, and the image will still post.