Play Angry Birds, the Most Downloaded Paid App of All Time!

'Angry Birds' is an update of the classic tank games. Photo Courtesy: Chillingo

Overview - Build Something Irresistible!

Video game creators Rovio Entertainment Ltd. have combined addictive gameplay, humor, and low pricing to create the #1 paid app of all time. Discover why AngryBirds, and all it's special editions, has been downloaded over 2 billion times across platforms as of January 2014.    

The Bottom Line

Angry Birds updates the classic tank game with humor and finesse.


  • Easy to learn
  • Super addictive
  • Challenging gameplay


  • High learning curve
  • Gets repetitive


  • Based on the classic tank games
  • Aim birds at the enemies
  • Use angles to plot attack
  • Different birds have different abilities

Why You Should Play Angry Birds

Shoot and aim games are as old as the first computers. But Angry Birds spruces it up with fresh, fun and addictive gameplay. The goal of each level is to knock down the house of the pigs across the battlefield. It’s done by firing the fat, round birds into the structures with a slingshot. You can use the touchscreen to angle the birds with a simple swipe of the index finger. While the cartoon birds/pigs battle is funny, but the real value comes from the number of levels and the variety of birds. There are 105 stages, all with different structures that have their original physics, and the multiple fowl have unique attributes. For instance, one little bird splits into 3 when you tap the screen, while another dive bombs when you swipe.

Levels can become increasingly challenging, but the game always remains fun and, most importantly, solvable. Angry Birds is a unique tank variant that’s worth your time.

Publisher: Chillingo

Genre: Puzzle

Release Date: February 2010

Reviewed On: iPhone

Available For: iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad, Palm

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Get Angry Birds here.