Android Users Now Have an Official App to Track AirTags

Unfortunately, the detection isn't automatic

Apple has given Android users an official means to detect and track AirTags with its new Tracker Detect app.

With Apple's AirTags sometimes being used for nefarious purposes, Android users have been asking for a way to detect them that doesn't require using a different smartphone. The new Tracker Detect app allows them to do just that, but some users are disappointed with the app's limitations.

Backpack with AirTag technology tracker ready for travel with car.

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Tracker Detect, according to the description, is intended to detect item trackers and is compatible with Apple's Find My network—which AirTags are a part of. It can also detect third-party item trackers that aren't official Apple products but are compatible with the network. So, if you want to check for a nearby item tracker, you can use the app to scan for one.

However, needing to scan for trackers manually is what has many users concerned. Tracker Detect does not—cannot, according to user responses—automatically check for trackers on its own. Android user James Wilson stated it's "unacceptable that you need to tell it to scan. That needs to be done automatically for safety purposes."

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Other users are fine with manual scanning and are just happy to be able to look for AirTags at all, though they also acknowledge that having an option for it would be nice. As Android user Jonathan Ramos said, "Even though it's a manual scan, just being able to scan for an air tag on an Android without needing an IOS device really helps!"

As Tracker Detect was only recently released, there is potential for future updates to address these concerns, but as of now, automated scanning is not available.

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