Android Phone Fight: Galaxy S6 vs. HTC One M9 vs. G Flex 2

HTC One M9 vs.Samsung Galaxy S6 vs. LG G Flex 2
Need help deciding between the Samsung Galaxy S6, LG G Flex 2 and HTC One M9? Here's a comparison of features to help you decide. HTC, Samsung and LG

Forget Apple vs. Android, how about Android vs. Android vs. Android?

With recent offerings rolling out from Samsung, HTC and LG, now’s a good time to size up these three Android juggernauts and see how well they stack up against each other. Which Lollipop phone is the sweetest of them all? Here’s a quick comparison to help you decide depending on which features are more important for you.

Design: I’d hate to push at the very beginning of a smartphone face off but design is such a subjective thing that it’s kind of tough to judge.

In the old days, the HTC One line has been the clear winner here thanks to its unibody design. With Samsung switching to a unibody design itself, however, the Galaxy S6 admittedly looks pretty fresh. The plastic back on the LG G Flex 2, meanwhile, looks a bit cheap but the curved screen design is unique and gets a lot of attention when I whip it out.

Winner: Tie

Display: While the HTC and LG phones are no slouches when it comes to their screens, the S6 wins this fight with its crazy-high 2,560 by 1,440 resolution and 550-plus pixel-per-inch count. Honestly, I think it even beats my iPhone 6 display when placed side by side. The HTC One M9 screen comes in at second place while the G Flex 2 rounds out third despite a much improved display over the original G Flex.

Winner: Samsung Galaxy S6

Battery life: During heavy use (hint: watching video with sound up), the LG G Flex 2 came out on top and was the only phone to go past 10 hours.

The Galaxy S6 was second with the HTC One M9 posting the lowest battery life. Note that the S6 has a neat feature that allows you to get four hours of operation after about a 10 minute charge.

Winner: LG G Flex 2

Capacity: The S6 internal memory can go as high as 128GB but it’ll cost you. Its two rivals, on the other hand, have expandable memory that can go that high but at a lower price.

Add their starting internal memory to the mix and both beat the S6 in that regard.

Winner: LG G Flex 2 and HTC One M9 (tie)

Camera: As someone whose main gripe about the older Galaxy phones I’ve owned usually involves the lackluster cameras, it’s really surprising how improved the S6 rear camera is. All three do well in daylight, for example, but the S6 sports the best low-light performance of the bunch and best overall performance. The HTC One M9, meanwhile, has the largest megapixel count and best manual controls but had the poorest rear camera in terms of ease of exposure and focus. It does make up for it a bit by having the best front-facing camera for selfie freaks, er, lovers while the G Flex 2 has the worst front-facing camera.

Winner: Samsung Galaxy S6

Speakers: This is no contest. Excellent sound has always been a trademark of the HTC One line and the M9 is no different. The M9 arguably features the best speakers among any smartphone, featuring a double front-facing setup with rich sound. The other two are a wash but the M9 wins here hands down.

Winner: HTC One M9

User interface: Call it a loader, user interface (UI) or skin. Regardless, none of these phones use stock Android. Picking the best one is a bit tough as UIs are like food and can boil down to personal preference.

Samsung’s Touchwiz is arguably the most well-rounded of the bunch though it also comes with a lot of bloatware. LG’s UI leans more on the simple side and feels more intuitive to me, and I like stuff like its screen wakeup features and stock keyboard. HTC’s Sense, on the other hand, has the best media interface, including the arguably the best music player interface. No UI is head and shoulders above the rest, however, so it really shouldn’t determine which phone is better.

Winner: Tie

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