7 Ways Android Marshmallow Makes Your Life Easier

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Android Marshmallow has started to roll out and should soon reach your smartphone; if you have a Nexus device, you may already have it. Google has added some improvements big and small to Android 6.0, many of which will make your smartphone more straightforward to use. Here are seven ways that Android Marshmallow 6.0 will make your life easier:

The information below should apply no matter who made your Android phone: Samsung, Google, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc.

  1. Improved cut, copy, and paste. With Android Lollipop and earlier, this process used symbols to represent these actions, which could be confusing. In Marshmallow, those symbols are now words, and the whole module has been moved from the top of the screen to directly above the text you have selected.
  2. USB Type-C support. The best thing about USB Type-C is that you no longer have to worry about trying to plug it in upside down - it fits both ways. It also means that you'll need a new cable when you upgrade your smartphone or tablet, but it will soon become standard across mobile devices and laptops.
  3. App Backup and Restore. Isn't is frustrating to upgrade to a new phone, only to find that your apps aren't the same as you left them? With Marshmallow, your smartphone will backup app data directly to Google Drive when connected to Wi-Fi. Then you can restore that data when you move to a new phone or if you need to wipe your device for any reason.
  4. Chrome Custom Tabs. Now when you're using an app, and you're sent over to the web, you have to wait for the browser to load, which can be frustrating. This new feature lets apps preload some web content, so you experience less of a lag.
  5. More control over app permissions. Most apps require permissions and currently you have to say yes or no to all of them. With Marshmallow, you can pick and choose which ones you want to allow and which you want to block. Some apps may not work correctly in the short term since they need an update to accommodate this new feature. But, eventually, you will get better privacy and security as well as a better understanding of what you're sharing with third parties.
  6. Simple security. In the Settings menu going forward, you'll see "Android security patch level" with a date indicating when your device last received a security update. This way, you can figure out if you're at risk.
  7. Longer battery life. Tired of waking up to a drained battery? Android's new doze mode will prevent apps from running in the background when your phone is idle so that your phone will be as ready as you are to start the day (after that cup of coffee).

These are just a handful of features and improvements you'll get when you update my OS to Android Marshmallow.