Android Gets Backbone One Controller for Streaming and Mobile Games

PlayStation Remote Play is still only on iOS, though

Android users are getting their turn as the Backbone One mobile controller moves beyond Apple hardware.

If you've wanted to get ahold of a Backbone One controller for your mobile device but don't own an iPhone, your time is now. Backbone's mobile gaming peripheral is bound for Android devices, and much like its Apple-compatible counterpart, it works for both smartphone games and game streaming services.

Backbone One controller for Android


Along with the controller, Backbone says Android customers who receive a Backbone One will also be granted early access to the Backbone app. The app offers gameplay recording and sharing options, player party management, and acts as a central hub to access the various Backbone-compatible games you want to play.

Additional app features—along with a Backbone+ service for Android—have been hinted at but not detailed so far.

Backbone+ app for Android


The Android version of the Backbone One currently lists support for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and Steam Link (with a brief mention of GeForce Now) but omits PlayStation Remote Play. Though it could still be added since the announcement asks readers to "please stay tuned for more information early next year."

You can purchase the Backbone One Android controller directly from Backbone for $99.99, with orders expected to start shipping out in December. However, the PlayStation Edition Backbone One controller still looks to be an iPhone exclusive. Make sure your Android phone uses USB-C and runs Android 8.0 and up before you buy.

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