The 5 Best Android Food and Restaurant Apps

Hungry? Kill cravings with our picks for best food apps

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Finding a great place to eat is a lot easier with the right app. andresr/E+/getty

Several developers have released restaurant locator apps that take advantage of the location services in your Android-based smartphone. You can get food ideas and directions to find local restaurants. A visit to Google Play will reveal many search results when searching for "restaurants." This is a quick list of the most popular and highly rated apps. Who knows, one of these apps may help you find your new favorite restaurant. If not, order in with these food delivery apps!

All the apps below should be equally available no matter which company makes your Android phone, including Samsung, Google, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc.

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Zagat - For The Serious Food Connoisseur

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If you are serious about where you eat, and you depend on customer reviews when choosing a restaurant, Zagat to Go is an excellent choice. The app used to run on a subscription model for $9.99 per year, but now that Google owns Zagat, the app is free. 

Zagat is the trusted name in restaurant reviews and uses reviews from over 40 different guides. With it built in search features, top-rated restaurant suggestions, and even an "Urban Spoon" style widget, Zagat to Go is a powerful app that is perfect for those who really want to find the best area restaurants. 

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Yelp - Community-based Reviewers Make The Difference

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Yelp offers ratings and search for local restaurants and other businesses. If you use the app, you can also contribute to the conversation and add reviews or photos of your food or the environment. Yelp is rapidly becoming the go-to website and app for user reviewed content. 

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Restaurant Finder - Simple and Location-based

Restaurant Finder
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This free app available in Google Play uses the Google Search feature of your phone to locate restaurants near your location. The main screen provides a listing of restaurant categories you can click on for specific recommendations within the category. I did a search for all Seafood Restaurants in my area and was shown as a list of around 30 local establishments. You can do searches for all restaurants, buffets, Asian, steakhouses and several other categories. You can also do a search for a specific restaurant name. Press the  Search tab, type in the name and press Go.  

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Food Finder - Coordinates With Android Navigation

Food Finder
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Food Finder is another free app in Google Play. This app provides a category search that is much more robust than the Restaurant Finder app. Food Finder provides a list of around 100 different restaurant categories, allowing you to precisely target the style of food you are looking for. There is a bit of overkill with all these categories, however. For example, you can search for Vietnamese Restaurants and Vietnamese Sandwiches.

The app will show you all the restaurants in your area, their distance from your location and ties into your Android Navigation map to provide you turn-by-turn directions. 

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Zomato (Urban Spoon) - A Unique User Interface

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The Urban Spoon (now Zomato) iPhone app made this famous, and the Android app functions the same way. The app determines your location and gets a list of restaurants in your area. These are grouped according to the style of food and by pricing. Set your food preferences and price range, press the spin button and get your recommendation. Your single result is shown with the restaurant name, phone number, customer reviews and can tie into your navigation app to provide turn-by-turn directions.

Despite its popularity, I am not a big fan of Zomato. The novelty of the user interface runs out quickly and uses more battery life than a simple category list format.