The Best Black Friday Apps for Android

Black Friday 2017 is November 24

Black Friday Crowds

Want to grab some great gift deals this year but don't want to run from store to store without a plan? Here are four Black Friday apps that can help you decide where to shop and what to buy, plus one for Cyber Monday, if you're not too worn out by then. NOTE: Downloading any app could result in a virus or malware. Grab an app at your own risk! 

1. Brad's Deals Black Friday App

The Brad's Deals app tracks sales all year round and this app helps keep you organized when Black Friday comes around. You can sign into the app via Facebook or Google or subscribe using your email address. Then you'll receive email alerts when new circulars are posted. You can also view deals within the app with links to retailers including eBay and Walmart. 

2. Black Friday 2017 Ads App from Sazze, Inc.

This iTunes app, powered by is also available for Android, also helps you keep track of Black Friday sales, but it also the ability to save products you want to buy to a list, which is handy. You can also search by store or category to find the best deals based on where you want to shop and what's on your shopping list.

3. Fat Wallet Black Friday Deal Finder

Fat Wallet is a coupon and deals site that includes a section devoted to Black Friday, including a list of participating stores and leaked circulars. The app will notify you of new deals and ad scans, but, reviews show that the notifications could become overwhelming. Luckily, they can be switched off if you need a break.

4. TGI Black Friday 

Finally, this app from, a site devoted to this single day, lets you view and download sale circulars, and create and share a shopping list via email. You can also share deals on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ right from the app.

And, finally, for Cyber Monday, there's none other than:

5. Amazon Shopping

Cyber Monday, a newer "holiday," is a day when you can shop for deals from the comfort of your own home (or your desk at work.) Many online retailers participate in this day, and Amazon is probably the most popular destination. You can sign up for email alerts and follow the company on social media to get up to the minute deals.

And with the Shopping app, you can make purchases right from your Android smartphone or tablet. You can also use it to scan products in the store to compare prices, which comes in handy on Black Friday and any other day of the year.