The Best Beer, Wine, and Cocktail Apps for Android

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Apps for Drinking

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We can track so much of our lives these days, from daily steps and workouts to nightly slumber to data usage, and much, much more. So, why not track your alcohol intake? You can use apps to save your favorite brews and wines, read reviews and discover new drinks, and find cocktail recipes. On the flip side, you can also monitor your intake and even estimate your blood alcohol level, though this should be for entertainment purposes only and not to determine whether you're safe to drive or not. All of these apps are fun, in fact, and can help you remember your favorite beer, wine, and cocktails when you're unsure of what to order at the bar. 

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Craft Beer Tracker

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Untappd is the most popular mobile and desktop app for tracking beer-related adventures. You can share what you're drinking, review and rate beer, and see what you're friends are drinking. The app can also help you find nearby bars that are serving brews you like and you can earn badges as you explore different styles of beer. Breweries can also create profiles in the app and share their beer menus, so you can connect with your absolute favorites.

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Craft Beer Reviews

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If you need all the data you can find about a specific beer, Beer Citizen is your app. Beer Citizen's website and app have photos, reviews, and hundreds of traits associated brews, such as mouthfeel, taste notes, and scent. This app will please data nerds and real beer aficionados, but non-obsessives may find themselves overwhelmed. In any case, it's a good resource for getting a feel for how to review beer and understand the differences between varieties. In fact, the vocabulary isn't far off from wine tasting notes.

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Tracking Your Wine

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Speaking of, Drync lets you log wines by simply snapping a photo of the label. Once you do so, you can then add your own tasting notes if you're already drinking it or view ratings and descriptions if you're thinking about buying a bottle. You can also connect with friends and share recommendations. Never visit the wine store (or wine section) without it.

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Make Like Tom Cruise


If hard alcohol is your game, Cocktail Flow is a drink recipe app that can help you create concoctions based on the ingredients you already have. You can also search the app by the type of liquor you'd like to use or by the drink type (tropical, for example), event, or even color. The app even helps you create a shopping list and estimate costs, a good resource if you're planning a party or any big event. You can save your favorites and view similar recipes for inspiration. 

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Finally, the Alcohol Calculator helps you keep track of all your libations. Start out by inputting your weight and sex in the settings and then begin adding your drinks. You can either add a drink and the time you finished it or track the drink duration by tapping when you start a drink and again when you're done. This is a good way to see how fast you're drinking and whether you could afford to slow down. Based on this information, the app will calculate your blood alcohol content (BAC) and even compare it with the legal limits in your area. Again, this does not take the place of a breathalyzer and should be used only for entertainment purposes. Don't drink and drive!