Android Apps for NCAA Basketball

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Android Apps for NCAA Basketball

By: Gregor Schuster Collection: The Image Bank

Whether you call it the Big Dance, March Madness, the Road to Final to the Final Four or simply the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship, the sporting world will be glued to their TVs for a couple of weeks in March. If you can't watch every game and get all the stats, predictions and bracket updates, your Android phone and Google Play have the apps you need to follow your team all the way to the Final Four.

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NCAA® March Madness® Live

Screen Capture. Turner Sports Interactive, Inc

NCAA® March Madness® Live This app is the official Turner Broadcasting app for March Madness. It allows you to watch all games in the Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament, across TBS, CBS, and TNT. Don't let the "free" part of this app fool you. You do need a paid TV subscription to see full games live, but chances are good that if you're a fan of the NCAA, you already have access to cable. 

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Gameday Central - NCAA News

This free app is a news and social media aggregator for news on NCAA college basketball as well as college football and baseball. This handy app centralizes different free information sources to help you stay on top of the game. A very handy download for any college sports fan. Download it here.

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Bracket Tracker

Bracket Tracker is an excellent score-tracking app. 

When carrying around a paper print out of your bracket just doesn't make sense, the Bracket Tracker app allows you to keep your bracket up to date and as close as your pocket. With the ability to edit your bracket, receive live scores and updates, this app could very easily eliminate the need to print out your bracket.

Whether you want to make a simple "green step" and cut down on your paper use, or simply love the convenience of having your bracket electronically and saved on your phone, the Bracket Tracker app fits the bill.

The app not only allows you to track your favorite teams, it allows you to make your best guesses for the March Madness tournament. The app is developed by a single programmer during his spare time, so the updates may be a little slow at times, but it is an elegant solution and as a free download, the price is certainly right. 

Marziah Karch contributed to this piece.